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Union Pacific Switchers & Slugs 
By Don Strack

Union Pacific Switchers & Slugs

  • This heavily illustrated book expands on coverage of the EMC/EMD models previously featured in Diesel Era magazine, adding sections on Alco, Baldwin, Fairbanks-Morse, and GE models. Among the models covered are: EMC/EMD NW2; EMD SW7, SW9, TR5, SW1500, and MP15 models; EMD/UP unusual SW10; Alco S-series switchers; UP's only GE 44-tonner; and the railroad's large variety of non-revenue narrow-gauge Vulcan, Whitcomb, and Davenport switchers.

    Softcover, vertical format, 8.5" x 11", 116 pages (14 pages in color), 283 photos (37 in color)
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