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Pennsylvania Railroad Diesels Volume 11: Alco and GE Road Switchers
By Paul K. Withers

Pennsylvania Railroad Diesels Volume 11: Alco and

  • Continuing the series started by John D. Hahn, Jr., and Withers Publishing in 1995, we are pleased to announce the eleventh softcover book in a series on the diesel fleet of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Each book pictorially covers particular groups of PRR locomotives, including complete roster data and specifications of each model featured. This book features Alco and General Electric road-switcher units - the Century 424, Century 425, Century 628, and Century 630 built in Schenectady, N.Y., and the U25B, U25C, U28C, and U30C built at Erie, Pa. Also covered are the two models ordered by the PRR, but delivered after the Penn Central merger, Alco's Century 636 and GE's U33C, in PC colors. Units are pi ctured as-built from the factory, working during the glory days of PRR, and finally, for the U25Bs, wearing Penn Central-compatible numbers.

    Softcover, 8-1/2" x 11", 96 pages, 200-plus black and white photos
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