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Pennsy Electric Pictorial
By Martin S. Zak and Paul K. Withers

Pennsy Electric Pictorial

  • The Pennsylvania Railroad did everything on a large scale and the acquisition of 267 electric locomotives to move both freight and passengers over its 674 route-miles of electrification was no exception. From the famed GG1, the classic P5 boxcabs and Modifieds, modern looking E44s, and even the experimental E2Bs, E2Cs, and E3Bs of the early 1950s are pictorially covered. A specially commissioned cover painting by Gil Bennet and foreword by Frank Tatnall highlight this must-have book for Pennsy and electric fans alike.

    160 pages, 11”x 8.5” horizontal format, hardcover, more than 150 black-and-white images.
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