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EMC’s FT: The Revolutionary Diesel 

By Diesel Era

EMC’s FT: The Revolutionary Diesel

  • Following up on the success of its streamlined main line passenger diesels in the late 1930s, Electro-Motive Corp. challenged the century-long dominance of steam locomotives in freight service. The vehicle for this attack was a four-unit A-B-B-A demonstrator set of a new model, the FT. When it finished an 11-month, 83,064-mile-long tour over 20 railroads in 1939-1940, the contest was already over. Only the urgency of World War II traffic demands stood between the great steam fleet and the scrap yard.

    132 pages, 250+ crisp color and black-and-white photos, 8.5" x 11" vertical format on 80# heavyweight stock, four-color cover, softbound
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